photos, results, and mavericks

Still not done yet, but some things to check out:
1. Photos – the front page has them now for each
of the 9 days… see if you can find the ones with Vladimir and I hanging out at McLaren with our little friend the McLaren map spider. And lotsa finals photos.
Speaking of photos, please [...]

Wednesday photos

A close 1-2-3 from Will Critchley, Mike Smith, and Magnus Johansson at today’s Merritt College Motala. Then a large crowd came out for Ben Legg’s exciting sprint course at U.C. Berkeley. Ben has massively updated the map and brought it up to sprint standard. Thanks to CHAOS, the Cal Hiking and Outdoor Society, for hosting [...]

Tuesday photos

Thanks to Magnus Johansson for maximizing the fun in the passageways and nooks of the Old Oakland map for the o-tervals and giving us some fresh legs in the Lakeside Park chase. And Bob Cooley set a fun intro to radio-O course at Morgan Territory – our free form training session where the participants set [...]

Monday photos

Monday’s photos:
Golden Gate Goat
Thanks for Eric Bone for a great Stanford sprint! He spent a bunch of hours updating the map – we have a significantly improved Stanford map – and a good course with some nice traps and obstacles.

photos from Pacheco Pass

21 photos from Saturday and 85 or so from Sunday are now posted:
Thanks to Jeff, Alex, Dan, Toby, Derek, and crew for a great kickoff to the Golden Gate Getaway. What a spectacular venue we have in Pacheco.

master map plan: how to get everywhere and when to show up

I created a Google Map! with all the venues, locations, dates, and times for the Golden Gate Getaway sprint finals and training camp events:
Golden Gate Getaway Google Map
You may want to use the Google Map to make your own custom directions for events you attend – each location is tagged, and you can click on [...]

training camp schedule changes, Pt. Bonita bus, hotel, and updates

Exact time schedule for the sprint finals is now posted in the main program and on each sprint final event page.
Schedule changes – training camp:
Golden Gate Park is now Monday morning
Morgan Territory is now Tuesday afternoon
Palo Alto Breakfast Run is now Thursday morning
Details, directions, registration areas, and timing have been updated for the events
Friday event: [...]

sunset spied at Pt. Bonita

So which ISSOM symbol would you use to map this? That’s been done already… but you’ll need to know and understand this symbol to complete the sprint at Pt. Bonita.

Golden Gate Getaway now on Facebook

For those of you who Facebook, the event page for the Golden Gate Getaway is up. It’s more of a portal to everything else, but feel free to do what you do on Facebook with it.
For me, it was a way to let everyone I know personally that’s it’s happening and inviting them to check [...]

step in the arena

The first A-meet I attended was the 1995 U.S. champs in southern Michigan. Wow. Loved the maps and courses. Had a great time.
And my Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa came to watch. While there were no problems with the setup, with classic orienteering it’s just hard to see all the action in the woods. You can [...]